Public Relations and Diplomacy

How we relate in person and in public defines us. Sans Age Global recognizes the essence of diplomacy and self-awareness and by extension our reaction and responses in work and life context.

Unlocking Success Through Effective Engagement

How we relate in person and in public defines us. Diplomacy assumes self-awareness on how one’s actions affects others and by extension how they react or respond. Bounded around best practice within the diplomatic co, the module underpinned by academic models and concepts is founded on workplace and life experience guided by the art of influencing.

Sans Âge Global sees diplomacy public and international relations as the epitome of effective engagement, a critical dependency to creating and problem solving at the work place and beyond. This is through navigating potential areas of conflict, building trust and relationships and handling sensitive situations with tact and sensitivity promoting good will to achieve a desired goal.

This training option seeks to fulfil the Strategic Objectives for Clients that include and may not be limited to develop a holistic resource person for public relations and diplomatic endeavours – (F4P), Ensure value addition within the diplomacy management ecosystem and embed a strategic mind-set to the country “ambassadors” and their support system (ROI).

We take a process approach to Training through Coaching, Mentorship and Development. Our firm boasts strategic alliances with opinion leaders and shapers at individual and corporate level which includes International Relations Society of Kenya (IRSK), Shajuls Business and Management Consulting and Emerging Leaders Foundation (ELF-Africa) all which enrich our programmes.



Strategic positioning

Sans Age Global equips diplomats, public and international relations personnel with the requisite knowledge and skills for strategic positioning in their diplomatic or public relations engagement, essentially on how to best create value for their principals.


Tactical Positioning

Given the vagaries and the turbulence in the external environment which have direct implications on how diplomats and public relations personnel engage, Sans Age Global offers the requisite training and consulting services on how best to navigate to restore or win confidence.


Transactional Positioning

We recognize that the day to day activities around diplomats, public and international relations personnel can adversely affect their work if not well managed. Sans Age Global trains and consults in the provision of operational astuteness required of those that support the diplomatic co.

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