Psychological Wellness and Mental Health

Sans Age Global seeks to remedy the convoluted, highly tortuous external environment, the workplace and societal challenges in general

Fostering Psychological Wellness and Mental Health for Growth

The external environment, work place and the societal life as presently constituted is convoluted, highly torturers to person’s spirit, body and mind. Left unchecked, it can be injurious to one’s sense of wellbeing negatively impacting productivity for both self and the organization to the detriment of the entire ecosystem.

What this offering is intended to achieve – Psychological wellness and mental health is a huge component for production, growth and development, a critical success factor to the wholeness required for one to effectively create wealth and endure.

Guided by the Triple Bottom Line All-encompassing Planet, Profit and People, the social pillar emphasis on health is inescapable. In responding to a problem that is reaching near crisis point, our interventions demystify psychological wellness and mental health, creating a safe space for people and organizations to learn, engage and respond to the emerging challenges in a more humane and effective manner. We offer tried and tested scientific tools and techniques plus associated programmes to make organizations more accepting, inclusive and responsive for the much needed turnaround.




We offer scientific assessment through research and general surveys, create and disseminate requisite knowledge to assist senior management make far-sighted strategic choices as a detective and preventive mechanism.



With the prevalence of mental health related complications at the work place, Sans Age Global is equipped with the best in class solutions and interventions to curtail its spread by offering tried and self-help initiatives to wellness.


Holistic/ Institutional Care

Sans Age has developed elaborate care programmes for those that are afflicted and affected through in-house expertise and drawing from outsourced specialists and other institutions that we work in collaboration.

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