FA, Roselyn Musera

Financial Management / Public Relations and Diplomacy


Roselyn is a respected Financial Advisor and an expert in Personal Finance and Retirement Planning. She is a seasoned business and product developer and an astute communicator with the zeal to win. A believer in critical thinking, formulation of good strategy, and persistent action to achieve a desired goal, Ms Musera Leads and Directs our Finance and Investment Docket that includes Pension management.

As a financial advisor, she is a perceptive trainer with a knack for business and new market developments. She is a stickler for the proactive management of business partner relationships, ensuring dedicated touch points on client engagement and specifically dissatisfaction. Roselyn is a holder of a Master’s degree in Diplomacy from the University of Nairobi.

With an industrious and stellar career in the corporate space spanning 16 years cutting across the Airline, Banking, Wealth Management, and Pension sectors, Roselyn has a critical and creative mindset, analytical, with a can-do attitude. She is the Vice Chair of the International Relations Society of Kenya (IRSK) and was instrumental in convening the 2023 annual IRSK conference in Nairobi, bringing together 11 African countries in collaboration with the COMESA Secretariat and the Africa Center for Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD). She is passionate about social impact, leadership and mentorship

Expertise in the Dissemination and the Embedding of New knowledge.

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