Dr. Habil Otanga​

Psychological Wellness and Mental Health


Dr. Otanga is a Lecturer of Psychology at Nairobi University with a PhD in Educational Psychology and Master’s in Guidance and Counselling. He was a Journal Reviewer of Psychological Studies, the International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction, and the Journal of Public Health in Africa. He has participated in Editorship. A member of the American Psychological Association (APA).

With post-doctoral fellowships, he has published articles and contributed to a book chapter (2021) Best Practices in Reaching ‘Hidden’ Populations and harm reduction service provision. In J. Buxton, L. Burger & G. Margo (Eds.), The impact of global drug policy on women: Shifting the needle (pp.217-227), written journal articles and publication. Dr. Otanga has an interest in the intersections of emotions, emotional regulation, and health and psychology of health. He is currently pursuing mental health in drug users.

Expertise in the Dissemination and the Embedding of New knowledge.

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