Financial Management

Sans Age Global’s approach to financial Management is dynamic recognizing the VUCA world today. We customize our intervention to the uniqueness of the situation.

Investing in Personal and Corporate Finance

Return on Investment, Financial Freedom, a healthy balance sheet and cash flows is the ultimate aspiration of every progressive entity, personal or corporate. A sense of security and a “rich” source of continuity is our strategic objective.

What it is meant to achieve – This segment is premeditated to provide financial knowledge and empower people towards financial freedom for the long haul. It also sets up corporates as going concerns through sustainability measures in a new world order.

This is achieved through a high end C-Suite financial training, modelling and board mentorships, Personal sector finance management and facilitation through alternative investment options including savings and pensions planning, maximizing returns.

Our solutions include progressive and responsive planning in the short mid and long term, portfolio management at a personal and corporate level including the assessing of risks and their mitigation to secure wealth and assets.



Personal Finance

Sans Age Global provides a scientific and systematic approach towards prudent financial planning, implementation and overall management to individuals and organized groups to maximize their financial goals and objectives.


Corporate Finance

We support corporate organizations in the effective and efficient management of their financial assets, liabilities and other investments to optimize the portfolio holding.


Family Wealth Management

Sans Age seeks to support families in the transition of wealth from one generation to the next intent to preserve and regenerate through value adding adjustments. This is to ensure continuity for future generations.

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To be the preferred go to global consulting firm in our chosen segment across Africa.

Expertise in the Dissemination and the Embedding of New knowledge.