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SansAge Global

Expertise in the dissemination and the embedding
of New knowledge.

Sans Âge Global Limited exists to address a pressing demand for comprehensive workplace solutions, addressing pivotal areas that bring about transformative changes in work, the market, and social environments. The three core areas of focus include personal and corporate finance management and investments including life transition skills, Psychology safety in organizations covering psychological well-being and mental health including corporate chaplain-ship, Family Asset Management, succession within a legal context, and public relations and diplomacy. These are specifically developed to build resilience and efficiencies, intra-parties sensitivities, and cohesion to achieve desired goals with global best practices within a local context.

Although focused on three (3) bouquets of products, Sans Age Global is agile and flexible, open to customizing other areas of training needs. Drawing from its huge depository of life and work experience, we are attuned to crafting tailor-made interventions for workplace problems across a wide range of corporate questions.

We exist to address the present-day problems for people and organizations that have changed shape and form in the last three decades and are

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ever-changing, accentuated by the vagaries of the external environment including increased life and workplace complexities, uncertainty, volatility, and ambiguity.

Competitive Advantage/ Unique Selling Proposition

Sans Âge Global adopts a global perspective to adeptly address local or localized problems in a way that is effectively attuned to the client’s need. Our solutions are long term, sustainable with operational rigor and relevance recognising the changes in the external environment and personal or organisational capacity that require constant evaluations.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Training and consulting solutions with a bottom line impact- Outcomes can be qualified and quantified
  2. Rapid results from mind set change for persons and institutions that we come into contact with
  3. Continuous improvement in training and consulting fueled by new knowledge creation , dissemination and management in our chosen segments

Desired Social & Economic Impact

Our goal is to have impact to those we come into contact with, improve personal wellbeing and prepare organizations on a healthier footing towards their growth and development. Overall, it is about catalysing productivity for work institutions and self. This should translate to value addition at a sector and country level in more ways than one.

Mode of delivery

Sans Âge Global employs a hybrid delivery approach, utilizing various channels such as in-person physical engagement, remote or virtual methods, and a blended combination of both when circumstances necessitate. In Person engagement fosters experiential learning.

Target Market

The firm’s target market are mainly the Small and Medium sized Enterprises (MSMEs) corporates, government & government agencies as well as NGOS across Africa. Our target clients cut across various sectors which include manufacturing, banking, insurance, real estates, hospitality construction, education, agribusiness and FMCGs sectors among others.

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Expertise in the Dissemination and the Embedding of New knowledge.