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Expertise in the dissemination and the embedding
of New knowledge.

Sans Âge Global Limited was founded to address a pressing demand for comprehensive workplace solutions, addressing pivotal areas that bring about transformative changes in work, the market, and social environments. Given the brittle nature and increased volatility in the internal and external environment of work, the market is in need of applicable practical solutions underpinned by concepts that largely foster a mind-set change through experiential learning within our chosen segments.

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Our Vision

To be the preferred go to global consulting firm in our chosen segment across Africa.

Our Mission

To change lives by developing people to be better or better prepared at what they do.

Core Values

Excellence in Delivery, World class service, Professionalism, Trust and Confidentiality, Fun.

Why Choose Us?

At Sans Âge Global, we pride ourselves on being your trusted partner in workplace solutions consultancy. Here’s why…

Our Services

To be the preferred go to global consulting firm in our chosen segment across Africa.


Financial Management

Sans Age Global’s approach to financial Management is dynamic, recognizing the “VUCA” world today. We customize our intervention to the uniqueness of the situation. The sections covered in Financial …


Psychological Wellness and Mental Health

Sans Age Global seeks to remedy the convoluted, highly torturers external environment, the workplace, and societal challenges in general. Sections in this module …


Public Relations and Diplomacy

How we relate in person and in public defines us. Sans Age Global recognizes the essence of diplomacy and self-awareness and by extension our reaction and responses in work and life…

Target Market

The firm’s target market are mainly the Small and Medium sized Enterprises (MSMEs) corporates, government & government agencies as well as NGOS across Africa. Our target clients cut across various sectors which include manufacturing, banking, insurance, real estates, hospitality construction, education, agribusiness and FMCGs sectors among others.

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Welcome to Sans Age Global, where we are committed to high-quality training programs

that empower individuals and organizations for success. Our mission is to cultivate excellence by providing knowledge and skills to navigate today’s challenges in finance, mental health, and diplomacy.

With experienced trainers and interactive learning experiences, we go beyond theory to make a lasting impact. Explore our well-crafted programs and trust Sans Age Global as your partner for individual and organizational growth.


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    Expertise in the Dissemination and the Embedding of New knowledge.