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Habil Otanga

Psychological wellness and Mental Health

Dr. Otanga is a Lecturer of Psychology at Nairobi University with a PhD in Educational Psychology and Master in Guidance and Counselling. He was a Journal Reviewer of Psychological Studies, International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction and Journal of Public Health in Africa. He has participated in Editorship. Additionally, he is a member of American Psychological Association (APA).

With post-doctoral fellowships, he has published articles and contributed to a book chapter (2021) Best practices in reaching ‘hidden’ populations and harm reduction service provision. In J. Buxton, L. Burger & G. Margo (Eds.), The impact of global drug policy on women: Shifting the needle (pp.217-227), written journal articles and publication. Dr. Otanga has interest in intersections of emotions, emotional regulation and health and psychology of health. He is currently pursuing mental health in drug users.