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Our Mode Of Delivery:

Sans Âge Global employs a hybrid delivery approach, utilizing various channels such as in-person physical engagement, remote or virtual methods, and a blended combination of both when circumstances necessitate. The preferred approach, however, is in-person engagement, fostering experiential learning.


Our Desired Social and Economic Impact:

Our goal is to have impact to those we come into contact with, improve personal wellbeing and prepare organizations on a healthier footing towards their growth and development. Overall, it is about catalysing productivity for work institutions and self. This should translate to value addition at a sector and country level in more ways than one.  

Our strength stems from the wealth of our vast, versatile and progressive intellectual capital that boasts many years of practical experience. Our resource persons are respected Scholars and Practitioners with uniqueness in content and delivery which promises rapid results.

We take a process approach to training through Coaching, Mentorship and Development. Our firm brags of strategic alliances with opinion leaders and shapers at individual and corporate level which includes International Relations Society of Kenya (IRSK), Shajuls Business and Management Consulting and Emerging Leaders Foundation (ELF-Africa), all which augment our unique programmes.

Our Competitive Advantage:

Sans Âge Global adopts a global perspective to adeptly address local or localized problems  in a way that is effectively attuned to the client’s need. Our solutions are long term, sustainable with operational rigor and relevance recognising the changes in the external environment and personal or organisational capacity that require constant evaluations.


Market needs and dynamics continue to shift. The linear world of cause and effect is no longer tenable requiring a different approach towards management organizations. Agility and customization of models to address unique needs that work places confront today is of profound importance in this age.


Feeling the pulse of an organization to better diagnose the problem and being astute in conversations to better understand the problems people or groups of people face is pertinent to growth and development.


This makes pragmatic and conventional approaches to problem solving a critical success factor. Consequently, conjuring academic theories with practical simulations is a requisite component for which Sans Âge Global has a rich depository.

 We leverage the following competencies making Sans Âge Global best in class:


  1. Our founder and associates possess deep training experience in a collection of business themes.
  2. The team is operationally astute, value driven & compassionate to the client strategic objectives
  3. We take pride in exceptional content and world class delivery services.